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Closing Time for Bitcoin’s Iconic Room 77 – ‘And That’s OK,’ Says Proprietor


Tucked away on a quiet avenue in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, Room 77 had the look of your typical dive bar – until you paid consideration to the details.

Once you did, you’d uncover the grungy scene was punctuated with cypherpunk paraphernalia. One brick wall overlooking a row of cubicles was populated by the portraits of Ross Ulrbicht, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Adjoining to these crypto-anarchy icons, a foreign exchange burner (which does exactly what you suppose it does) sat the place an arcade recreation would possibly want in another bar. 

Above the register, at a bar with 5 or so seats, was a nice reminder to its clientele to “stop paying from Coinbase, Gemini, Bitstamp,” and completely different such cryptocurrency exchanges. 

And, in reality, crucial inform that this bar was fully completely different: Subsequent to the chalked-up menu framing its entrance, correct smack subsequent to its advert for the “Biggest f**king burger in town,” a vibrant orange neon orb glowed inside the window, emblazoned with the letter ₿.


Room 77 (so named for the house’s avenue amount) was a spot of legendary significance amongst bitcoiners as the first venue on this planet to easily settle for bitcoin (BTC) as price in 2011. Adorned by an eclectic array of couches, cubicles, barstools and loveseats for lounging, the cosy joint was the San Remo of the European bitcoin scene, frequented for meetups, conference drink-ups and the like for Bitcoiners from Germany and abroad.

It weathered two bear markets, nevertheless with a nightlife financial system suffocated by COVID-19, its administration has decided “its time has come” and that the bar is closing down.

“And that’s OK,” Joerg Platzer suggested CoinDesk over DM, punctuating the reply with a smile emoticon. 

From pet problem to crypto mecca

Room 77’s proprietor isn’t too torn up in regards to the bar’s closure. In any case, Platzer, a self-described early cypherpunk who co-runs an augmented actuality enterprise and likewise works as a information, always dealt with Room 77 like “a gratifying aspect problem,” one which started successfully sooner than Satoshi Nakamoto had even drafted Bitcoin – and was meant to close down sooner than the cryptocurrency launched.

“We opened it 15 years previously as a gratifying problem on account of it was mud low value to take motion once more then inside the rundown neighborhood, and it was potential to have loud and wild occasions,” Platzer talked about. 

“We thought we’d run it for a yr or two.”

Nonetheless then the bar blew up. Lastly, it ranked as one among many top-five nightlife areas in Berlin, Platzer talked about. Then, Bitcoin obtained right here alongside and the bacchanalian brick shack doubled as a hotspot for Bitcoin’s earliest acolytes.

Spherical this time, with Bitcoin just some years outdated, Room 77 was possibly the one place on this planet the place tinkerers would possibly organize retailer and verify point-of-sale software program program. It was really the one place the place followers would possibly buy a pint (or the perfect f**king burger in town) with their bitcoin.


Certainly one of many many Bitcoin stickers adorning the lads’s room.
(Brady Dale/CoinDesk)

Room 77 grew to grow to be usually referred to as the “Bitcoin bar,” and the dive, now open 4 or so years longer than its proprietor initially anticipated, had another reason to stay open. Throughout the early days it was on account of they’ve been killing it. As a result of the 2010s have been underway, it was on account of the place had grow to be an psychological and custom bulwark for a burgeoning neighborhood.

Jeff Gallas, the one who paid for the world’s first bitcoin beer, remembers it as “a spot for lots of Bitcoin firsts.” From Bitcoiners meeting [in real life] for the first time to introduce Bitcoin to an international audience, Room 77 “manifested Bitcoin custom.”

“Room 77 was a extremely distinctive place. Not solely did it current many Bitcoiners with beers and burgers (for lots of, their first purchase with the magic Net money in precise life), nonetheless it moreover provided tons of psychological nourishment for a complete know-how of Bitcoiners. Quite a few ideas have been born proper right here, some drowned as soon as extra in rum and whiskey, nevertheless many made it by the use of the boozy nights,” Gallas suggested CoinDesk.

Since Platzer first served Gallas that pilsner for bitcoin in May of 2011, the bar’s significance amongst Bitcoiners has solely grown. It hosted Germany’s first bitcoin ATM and its longest-running Bitcoin meetup. 

On the nights of Bitcoin conferences in Berlin, Room 77’s janused identities – grungy nightclub and Bitcoiner lodestone – fuse into one, as a result of the bar turns right into a swimming mass of our our bodies hopped up on beer and the way in which ahead for money.

Shifting on

Sadly, this related essence – the sweaty, jam-packed, “who’s that brushing in opposition to me” nightclub vibe – is why Room 77 can’t survive nightlife in a time of COVID-19 beneath Germany’s pointers, Platzer suggested CoinDesk. He decided to droop the bar’s operations on March 7, a couple of weeks sooner than Germany would make closing all bars and consuming locations compulsory. 

With no end to COVID-19’s “new common” in sight, Platzer made the selection simply currently to shutter the bar for good.

“COVID will make it not attainable to run a spot like that, not lower than all by way of 2021. Once you ever have been at thought of one among our meetups you perceive how fully not attainable it is to even try to protect of us socially distanced,” he talked about.

Furthermore slashing the bar’s earnings, abiding by the rules would take away the magic of the place (and wouldn’t be very cypherpunk anyway). What’s further, the neighborhood is hundreds nicer than when Platzer opened the dive in 2005. Gentrification’s grip is tightening, and the setting up Room 77 sits in is due for renovations, Platzer talked about, which could ship the bar’s rent up “like crazy.”

So now it’s time for the bar to maneuver on. “It did its issue for Bitcoin when Bitcoin needed it,” as Platzer put it.

That time was when bitcoin was shopping for and promoting at $1. Now, one bitcoin is worth $11,800. In Platzer’s private phrases, “It is clear by now that no particular person will stop Bitcoin anymore.”

So as Room 77 ends, not lower than it’s going out on a extreme discover, at a time when Bitcoin is having enjoyable with further public consideration than ever.

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